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Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Crochet has not only experienced a big resurgence in recent years, but it’s also undergoing some what of a modern-day transformation! Whilst the old-school crochet favourites, including granny squares, blankets and winter accessories have become hugely popular once more, there is a new trend rising: crochet jewellery.

When we think of jewellery, most of us imagine elastic thread and wires – what we’d expect to see in accessory stores! In reality, jewellery-making can be far more diverse, borrowing techniques from a multitude of other crafts! Here we explore what a simple crochet stitch can do to transform your jewellery-making, and share a simple crochet jewellery-making project you can try at home, whether you’ve ever crocheted before or not!

It can be difficult to find unique jewellery, especially on the high street. Thankfully for us crafters, we know a better way… why buy mass-produced jewellery, when you can create your very own one-of-a-kind collection?! And what better way to make your jewellery truly unique, than to introduce a little crochet into the making process? So many crafters are now turning to crochet to open up their creative possibilities.

The best part about it? Necklaces and bracelets are so small that you don’t have to learn many stitches at all!

This type of jewellery is quick to produce and simpler than crocheting a jumper or stuffed toy. The techniques enable you to create standalone knots and loops in all sorts of shapes and patterns — the only limit is your imagination!

We asked resident jewellery-making expert, Sarah Millsop, for her thoughts on the colliding worlds of crochet and jewellery, and here’s what she had to say…


Crocheting is a fabulous and versatile technique. The basis of this technique is working with one strand (thread, ribbon, yarn, etc.) and a working ‘loop’, as opposed to knitting, which works with rows of ‘loops’. This means that crochet can lend itself to jewellery really well.”

“By using a single chain stitch, I can create a simple necklace without the need for any metal findings. People often have sensitive skin and don’t get on well with metal findings like clasps and jump rings, but by creating a soft, fluid piece with crochet, you can do without!”

“I love to see crafters experiment with crossover crafts and skills. Many crocheters wouldn’t think they could use their skill set to make beaded jewellery. Likewise, I’ve only ever learnt to crochet for jewellery. The fact I can do basic stitches has led me to try my hand at home decor projects too!”


This very simple but effective necklace is made using a simple stitch. The most difficult part of this jewellery is just pre-threading all your beads! As this is a long lariat, there are no metal findings or clasp, so it’s also a great piece of jewellery for anyone with sensitive skin. Simply wrap it around as many times as you like and you can adapt how you wear it, as you like.

If you already know how to crochet, it’s quite simply a single/chain stitch knotted and glued to secure when you achieve your desired length. If you’re yet to learn, follow the simple steps in my project. This is a great use of TotallyBeads metallic threads, ideal for many projects!

This article was first posted at https://blog.createandcraft.tv/crochet-jewellery-making/

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