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Crochet messy bun hat

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Hi everyone, I’m Abhi from ‘isadora Creations. I’m sharing a new pattern of pretty crochet messy bun hat! This one features an elegant ribbed design and a cute, cozy style. The top is made around a ponytail band, which gives it a tighter fit at the crown. It’s a beginner friendly pattern…so grab some coffee and your hook and lets do it..!!

This is a perfect pattern if you are looking for a perfectly fitted hat.

Remember that crochet takes a lot of practice, so don’t worry if it takes you a few tries to get it right- its completely normal. If you have any queries, don’t feel shy to message me at info@isadoracreations.co.uk

This hat's starting row is crocheted around an elastic hair band. I like that the hair band helps to stretch the beanie to fit over the bun without having to have a huge gap. The hat is worked up with aran yarn so it's a fairly quick project. I also decided to publish this pattern because it gave me an excuse to make my own! I think these are perfect for bad/lazy/dirty hair days in the winter. It also perfect for preventing hat head. You can just put your hair up in a loose bun, put on the hat, and stay warm outside. Then when you're inside, you can just take off the hat and undo the bun and you have lots of volume in your hair. I'm still working on perfecting my messy bun, though, to give the hat maximum hair pompom effect.

I’ll be using US terms in the pattern.

If you are from UK, you can easily convert the terms. This is a conversion chart to help you.

Abbreviations (stitch glossary):

· ch = chain

· sc = single crochet

· hdc = half-double crochet

· dc = double-crochet

· sl st = slip stitch

· fpdc = front-post double crohet

· bpdc = back-post double crochet

· sts = stitches

Materials needed:

· Any worsted weight yarn or even Aran yarn can work fine, the one I’m using here is 80% acrylic and 20%wool.

· Elastic bands, I’m using 2 of them together here as the ones I had very thin.

· 5mm crochet hook (Size H) *

· Row counter

· Scissors

· Yarn needle

If you like to watch the video tutorial of this pattern, please check below:

If you like to watch other free video tutorials, please visit my Youtube Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe, hit the bell icon to get regular updates. We upload new videos every Monday.

Written pattern:
  • Round 1- Double the elastic bands and tie your yarn there. Ch1. Now make 24 Hdc around the elastic bands. In the end, join with a sl st in the first Hdc. (24 sts)

  • Round 2- Ch 2. Make 1dc in same stitch. Continue making 1dc in each stitch around. In the end, join by doing a sl st in 1st dc. (24 dc)

  • Round 3- Ch 1. Make 1dc in same stitch. Do a fpdc around the 1st dc of last round. 1dc in next stitch, fpdc around the 2nd dc of last round.

Technically, you are doing 1dc and 1fpdc in 1 stitch. Repeat this throughout the round.

Finish the round with a sl st in the first dc.(48 sts)

  • Round 4- Ch1, make 1dc at the base of ch1. 1fpdc around next stitch. 1dc and 1fpdc around next stitch. Make a increase by doing 2dc in next stitch. 1fpdc,1dc,1fpdc, 1 increase by doing 2dc in next stitch. Repeat this all the way to the end. Sl st in the top of 1st dc.(60 sts)

  • Round 5- Ch1. 1dc in 1st stitch and 1fpdc in next stitch. Repeat this doing 1 stitch in each of 60 sts all around, alternating between 1dc and 1fpdc.

Keep repeating Round 5 upto round 15. Don’t forget to ch1 in the beginning of every row.


  • Round 16- Ch1. 1hdc in the same stitch and in each of the 60 stitches around. Sl st in the 1st hdc to end the round.

  • Round 17- Round 21- Ch. Place 1hdc in 3rd loop of each stitch. Continue doing this in each stitch for every round. At the beginning of every round make a ch1. Below i'm attaching a video clip explaining this.

  • Round 22- sl st in 3rd loop of each stitch around.

Fasten off and weave in any loose ends.

You are done!!

The fpdc stitches give a fantastic texture to the hat and also the ‘Knit’ look at the brim looks so amazing.

I hope you enjoyed this crochet pattern. If you make your own beanie, be sure to post a photo and tag me on social media so I can see your creation!

Happy Crocheting!

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